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Booster Combos

Gifted & Study Mastery

Learning Disabilities

Concentration & Focus


Self- Discipline/Motivation

Honesty & Integrity

Social Skills & Teaming

Negativepolitics & Criticism

Tutoring w/ Tracy Sherwood

Group Academics

Child to parentRelationship

Parent & Teacher Resort & By-Day Programs

Tutoring techniques

Phonics & spelling

Communication & attitude

Smoother discipline

Intilling honesty & values

Motivating the lazy ones

Handling social unrest

Phonics Techniques

Learning Disabilities

Parent & Teacher Rage

How to drug educate

Managing a wild classroom

Why kids are this way

Closer relationships

Activity/Lesson Options

Field Trips


Creative Writing


Dance & Gymnastics



Tutoring Others (cert)

Enhancement Workshops

Nutrition Workshops

Horses & Animal Care

Photo Album Creation

Local Volunteer projects


Tracy Sherwood

Teaching, Learning, & Communication


for students, parents & educators

Year Round Resort Programs:

Malibu Canyon and West Bakersfield Ca. programs:

Program Options: 1 to 6 weeks

        Bakersfield - Sherwood's one-acre Home - Resort/Camp (scroll down)


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