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Do you know a child

who needs help?

Refer just One,

Help Scores

When you refer just one child or adult, you may be helping scores. When a new student referred by you or your organization enrolls in a Sherwood Tutoring program, we'll also teach that child to tutor others. Who knows, that child may help hundreds in the years to come.


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Therapeutic Tutoring   


• Specializing in finding and resolving the underlying barriers that block progress

• so our student can start making real progress in affected subjects of learning

• for all levels and including programs for enrichment or special needs,

• offering custom programs by developer of Superphonics, Tracy Sherwood

• One therapeutic Tutor with over 30 years tutoring experience

with supplemental tutoring by qualified tutors having supportive specialties

• to achieve guaranteed results for all custom goals within budget

• serving students from outside the US for intensive Boosters and full programs

• serving local schools, organizations, families and adults

• now offering free workshops for classrooms, families, and other small groups


What happens in these sessions?

How is done, what can be expected during the sessions

What are the results?

These questions and more are answered here



Parent/child Therapeutic Sessions Series for disconnective behaviors

Bakersfield CA (June - Aug 09) FILLED

Encinitas & Escondido, CA  Sept -Jan 09

West Los Angeles Three workshops, August 09

Call for details and series fees

Your f irst workshop is an orientation with demos and is no charge and no obligation to enroll

Series includes a custom guarantee

based on initial assessment and needs

858-509-1893  or  760-



       As heard on KFI AM-640 Talk-Radio; making serious

         progress in all areas and needs from Bakersfield to

         Russia, with an abundance of parent and professional


       My name is Tracy Sherwood. I live in Bakersfield and

         north coastal San Diego and my students come to me

         from all over the world for serious progress in many

         different areas.


        When I personally tutor a child or adult one-to-one,

        I will at least triple any other tutoring program's

          advertised guarantee and we will attain our custom

          goals swifty, or I will continue at no extra charge until

          we do.

Important note:

In case you don't have a chance to spend much time here, I would like to take a moment to urge you to be alert to tutoring program guarantees and consider these tips:

1. Have your child assessed for more than the academic level for reading or other subjects. Get the real story on your child's focus, learning aptitude, and long term potential. If your child is assessed accurately, you will know it without a doubt. Do not accept any views that do not ring true for you because you will most likey know.

2. No matter what program you choose for your child, settle only with one that will offer unlimited hours to accomplish specific goals - and within a reasonable amount of time.

2. Call an abundance of parent references to help judge the value of the program. Most tutors have little experience tutoring one-to-one even if they may have teaching credentials. If teaching credentials meant the teacher can really teach, you probably wouldn't be needing a tutor today.

3. Be wary of any program that will not permit or does not encourage you to sit in on the testing and tutoring sessions as well. If you sit in an effective program, you will increase your child's progress by learning how to help in the future when needed, rather than waiting and hoping the tutor will bring about the needed changes.

4. When you settle on a program, watch your child's level of participation, brightness, and intellectual progress on a week-to-week basis because you should see real progress each week.

5. If your child may be diagnosed with a learning or developmental disability, seek out med-free, guaranteed programs having many excellent references. Medications are chemicals that the body perceives as toxic poisons. The only students I have not been able to make lasting progress with are those on or with a fairly heavy history of medication. Parents are misinformed all the time. For more information on this topic, visit: http://alternativementalhealth.org

Contact me to find out how I can  help you  


Why should you to call me first? I have tutored for some 34 years now, helping in all K-12 subjects and levels. Before your tutoring assessment, I will have you call as many parents as you like to see what other's have to say about their child's progress. There's so much I have to tell you and it's all very interesting to concerned parents - and educators as well.

Parents often ask why other programs weren't

able to make real progress with their child and

how I could do it so soon and make it seem so

easy. It often is that their child needed help on a

deeper and/or more basic level than with school work or that the psycholoty-based learning disability intervention strategies were to limited in results. Their child likely needed to improve rather than cover up the symptoms in the areas of focus, concentration, confidence, general learning

aptitude or retention. Or perhaps there was no trouble with learning but something needed to click in the motivation department or with simple

math or such. Whatever the case, barriers needed to be removed and the light bulb turned on before serious progress could be made with any kind of academic tutoring - no matter how experienced the tutor may have been.

This is the only program that I'm aware of that invites you to sit in on tutoring sessions to learn the simple techniques to help your child at home, now and in the future. You will become way more patient, skilled, and confident to help your child and even polish parenting, whether it was needed or not. You and your child will become more cheerful and light hearted from this experience. Ask the other parents!

I offer free teacher workshops too. So when the teacher says your child is doing better and asks "What is making this fast progress?", you can invite the teacher to my free workshop to recruit the much more support for your child, plus help

the teacher, and support Superphonics.

Read on for more information or go straight to my articles, biography (About Us), or tutoring testimonials from Los Angeles, Palmdale, San Diego, Bakersfield and all over the world. See the links at top.

Contact Tracy Sherwood now and

tell her all about it


Let me test your child for academic aptitude

and learning potential.

I don't care to 'score'  an assessment or proficiency test;  I want to interact with my prospective student and uncover certain strengths and weaknesses and observe the thought processes and learning style.

Whether your child is having trouble focusing to learn something as basic as the ABCs and the concept of numbers, or absorbing the massive amounts of study materials in college or at work, there are thought processes involved that I want to know about. There are skills and aptitude requisite to every level and speed of learning and my interactive assessment will tell me where and how to bring them out or develop them in your child.

I have you sit in on this interactive testing to see how your child responds to my personalized techniques and to see for yourself exactly where and why your child is having trouble or how to further enhance your child's education, if already dong well. VIPs and celebs, I need you there. Please schedule your assessment when your personal assistant, home school teacher, or nanny can attend with you. After that, we your selected instructor will take over with me.

After the assessment you can select several from a long list of parent references to call right there at end of testing or later if needed.

I've tutored over 30,000 hours

My name is Tracy Sherwood and I've tutored kids and adults in learning for all subjects and levels for over 30 years - over 31,500 hours of private and group tutoring.  Your child will get lasting results that other programs cannot attain or would lake at leat three times longer to attain.

I have developed most of my techniques over the past 25 years. I started making real progress when I stopped utilizing public school - style curriculum.

I can swiftly cut through learning disability barriers and with testing will know whether your child will make a complete turn-around - whether diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, aspergers, autism, dyslexia, audio and visual dysorders or other.

Your honors student, home schooler and teacher will learn:

to stop studying for memorization and start understanding,

to study for knowledge rather than tests and mere grades,

why they are unable to develop interest in certain subjects,

how to create interest and purpose.

Easily distracted when trying to learn?

I also offer a program for highly distractible students who may even be easily influenced by negative social activities that will sacrifice their education and future. And the studenet who is the one doing the distracting and being the negative influence? Yes, I can help there too. As long as mind-altering chemicals do not bar my reach and your child has some, although perhaps hidden, degree of desire to make change, he or she will make the turn-around. Parents often need to make some changes too so we often do it together as a team.

Therapeutic Tutoring

In my seminar/workshops, I have oriented parents and teachers to the making of big progress and turn-arounds for nearly any problem, situation or diagnosis.

Parents who undergo my parenting and/or parent-tutor program report positive changes in every family member.

In special needs tutoring, I more than double any tutoring or tutoring program advertised guarantee or that of any other tutoring franchise or learning specialist. This means faster results, deeper results, and long term value results. Getting an 'A' on the next report card doesn't mean your child can study to continue making A's or that independent study skills are set. Learning to respond automatically in ABA for autism may or may not be real progress. What would be real progress? Also, swift progress should be a constant. In what direction will your tutoring program aim?

I am author/developer of The Superphonics Educators Course and Phonics Camp Video Series. These programs were developed to help educators teach phonics to special needs children and adults. I also offer customized therapeutic tutoring programs for turn-arounds in symptoms of autism, aspergers, add, adhd, dylexia, and more.

My full custom program includes one full year of supplemental tutoring after completion of the program, or as needed, just as added insurance.

Distance Tutoring and home schooling

Distant students can enroll in a distant tutorial program and make stellar progress and achievement. The only requisite is a desire to improve and the ability to communicate. I can provide training for the parent or teacher, the BEST curriculum for any level or need, web site assignments, testing, legal information and support, local families to connect up with, and even an awesome teacher if you don't have one. Or you can

Distant students can also stay with me as a private boarding student to complete an intensive short-term Booster. Examples of Boosters may include:  focus and concentration, communication and confidence, severe learning disability breakthrough or turn-around, phonics or general reading, general learning and conceptualization, study and retention aptitude, attitude and responsibility, or a custom combination may be needed.

A parent or guardian must accompany all activities.

Can I get the results I promise? Find out. Schedule your free assessment and call my reference list. Sit in on your child's assessment and tutoring sessions.

As heard on KFI AM-640 TALK-RADIO, I'm the KFI Tutor. Call me to schedule an assessment $75 to $125

Contact me to schedule a program assessment

Learning Disabilities

med-free Tutoring

A few Testimonials from the Testimonials page

Hi Tracy,
I just wanted to say thank you so much on the work you have been doing with our son Jonathan. Since he has come back from Spring Break, his teacher Ms Seal has said that she has seen great improvement in his work. He will even wait by her desk to get the needed assistance for whatever work they are doing that he doesn't quite understand. Also, my family has noticed a turn around in his communication and confidence. Whereas before he would just keep quiet. Again I can't say thank you enough for your Program and method of instruction.
Very Happy Parents,
Felecia & Reggie

Dear Tracy,

Thank you for helping Mauricio to get on track in school and thanks for helping us to recognize where he needs help.   Your sessions made us aware of our own shortcomings when we worked with him and let us see that he is not only capable of doing his work, that he can even excel at it.   Your techniques to communicate, calm, understand, and teach are superb!



Roger La Plante

Monteverde Companies

Saugus , Ca. 91350

Have your child undergo serious progress in all aspects of learning. Tracy Sherwood, tutor to celebrity families, educational speaker, and author and developer of Superphonics, has been tutoring for 32 years and makes serious progress with adults, children and parents in academics, attitude, patience, honesty, responsibility, motivation and more. She also taps into the hidden potential in children and makes fast turnarounds in almost any type of case. She also applies effective techniques in all areas of learning to improve general learning aptitude and conceptual understanding. If your child is memorizing without really understanding, it will show in loss of interest and potential will appear to diminish more each year.

Specializing in all ages and levels, any child or adult can be greatly helped with these academic and therapeutic techniques. Call Tracy to find out about her guaranteed swift transformation program for almost any barrier or difficulty.

Sit in on your child's free assessment so you can observe breakthrough techniques first-hand and see how your child responds to them. This assessment is interactive and much like a tutoring session. While finding your child's vital missing basics, Tracy Sherwood uncovers your child's ultimate potential and will increases confidence, focus, and even learning aptitude right there in the assessment.

Contact Tracy Sherwood now and

tell her all about it

What is "Old-Time Learning"?
Our country was young and strong, and proper English grammar followed closely behind phonics and was mastered very early on. 

The Big Three, Reading, Writing and 'Rithmatic, formed a learning foundation, stressed every day of every year in every class throughout our nation.  Within these three came spelling with all its rules, sentence diagramming for advanced writing, vocabulary for comprehension mastery and exchange of ideas. 

With this strong educational foundation, young children were able to read novels effortlessly and were accomplished story writers.

Subjects such as math, history, and the sciences were learned through reading, research, lab experiments and application of knowledge. Students read the text materials and possessed study and research skill, rather than merely reading the chapter questions to then seek out rote answers for rushed completion of assignments as is done today.

With English, grammar and word pronunciation skills, students were able to understand the format of the dictionary in all its depth.  It was through this vital study resource that a student was able to tutor himself through areas of non-comprehension.

The dictionary itself was a thoroughly taught subject, and every student kept a good English dictionary at his desk and wore it well.

Today's honors students and some eighty percent of adults fail a basic skills test based on fifth grade academics of some sixty to eighty years ago!  Superphonics is an unknown treasure in this country, and truly, you have come across a golden time machine. This program is for parents who want nothing but the best for their child.


To set up an assessment with Tracy Sherwood

see email and telephone Contact page




Encinitas, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Oceanside, Escondido,

Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, La Costa, Fairbanks Ranch, La Jolla,  Bakersfield

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