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Test for Missing Basics and Potential or Disabilities and Disorders?
By Tracy Sherwood, Superphonics Founder 

The vital missing test for today's students is one which seeks out pure aptitude and potential.  In our day, we go from the extreme of labeling to focusing thoroughly on areas of strength (accepting the weak areas as 'disabilities or disorders).  Neither offers a real solution to the source of the problem.

Superphonics has discovered that 100% of students who:   
    1. carry on a fairly normal conversation   
    2. are not taking psychiatric drugs 
    3. have average sight and hearing (with or without   
        learning aids)  
    4. Who have some, even if thwarted desire to improve  

have just plain not been taught correctly or are missing vital basics which comes back to 'not taught correctly'.

Nearly all of the parents who bring their children to Superphonics for testing, agree with this viewpoint whole-heartedly. They know their children have more potential than they have been allowed to believe and they are seeking the cause in testing , and real solutions for help.   

Superphonics testing seeks out and finds one's actual potential for learning what he has missed or has had difficulty learning.  There is almost always far more potential there than what parents have been allowed to believe.  In fact, the focus has not been on 'potential' at all, but on the opposite, 'disability'.   

If the 'experts' were to test for actual potential to learn in the areas that are just not being taught well, the results would seem to show a disability of some sort in those areas. Of course, the disability (meaning 'not able') is that the individual is not able to learn in that area because he is missing vital basics. But rather than programming to learn these, they label the child with a disability or syndrome.

If these experts sat in on Superphonics testing,  they would have to admit in most cases that it's not the student with the problem, but the curriculum and methods of teaching.  Parents and many teachers know this too.  They express this very point often before I get to it.  But they feel so alone in what they know and having no solution, tend to go in the direction of the downhill spiral of education.   

How does one test for 'potential' in areas of difficulty for the student?  Well, to develop such a test, one would first have to know 'how to teach them correctly in the first place:   

One would have to know what the student knows and doesn't know and what the student is capable of knowing or not knowing at that particular moment.  He would not trespass that line.   

One would have to master the ability to know when the student is running into trouble before the student becomes aware of the trouble.

He would have to know 'exactly' what the source of the trouble will be before it hits.   

One would have to possess communication skills that could direct the student's attention away from error and toward progress without the student realizing much that he's even headed toward error.   

He would have to be a master of the mind in regards to learning, understanding, retaining and of all the seemingly mysterious and varying mechanisms that can be triggered in each.      

This is not testing that could easily be done in written form because the next question is often best determined by the last answer.  Psychology could not approach it as the field is too absorbed in finding weaknesses and invented disabilities.  Private testing cannot or does not afford the luxury of providing a guarantee that both parent and child will be positively impressed with what takes place. There is no testing known to Superphonics that requests that the parent sit in. Superphonics can, and does.   

What can you expect?  It's hard to say.  Every testing is different.  Breakthroughs vary.  Each student is unique.  But what they all have in common is that near end of testing, parents and students are glowing.  Not from blind hope, but from what they have actually witnessed during testing.  

The potential that only they had been able to see on occasion, surfaced for all to see and be very certain of.  The test that was expected to be routine, delivering only bad news to both parent and child, did not happen.  They didn't expect anything like it.   The years of missing basics is not surprising, and doesn't matter quite as much anymore.  They know the problem was and is, not with their child and can be remedied.  Our children need to learn to concentrate, coupled with old-time education.

Tracy Sherwood

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