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When you help just one child or adult, you may be helping scores. When a new student referred by you or your organization enrolls in a Superphonics Leadership program, we'll donate our Phonics Camp 6-video series and Superphonics Tutors Course for Parents & Educators to the church or organization of your choice (discount value $299). Or use it yourself and pass it on!

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Superphonics Tutors Course with sound cards, word blending materials,, and intensive training to teach special needs and beginning readers to read via phonics...

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"My grandson was the only student in 2nd-grade that couldnt't read. Over Thanksgiving break he learned to read with Superphonics. He's been above grade-level ever since then and it now 15. I knew he needed a more effective approach. Superphonics has simpler techniques."

Terry MxGuire, Ventura CA


Superphonics concepts

One 6-DVD series for Babies, Toddlers, Enlish as a second language, struggling spellers and beginning readers


Phonics Prep e-Guide for mom

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Therapeutic Tutoring and Coaching

For serious progress. Call and me all about it

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Horse Riding Therapeutic Program integrated as a community service into the Special Needs Connection Therapy. If you have a child with special needs and reside in So Cal, your family has already been sponsored for the September 18th Riding Camp for 1010.

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call for more information! 323-394-9422         FACEBOOK LINK

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Special Needs Therapeutic Tutoring

Autism, ADD, ADHD, slower, struggling students

and advanced challenges for the brighest minds

Therapeutic Tutoring

With Superphonics therapeutic tutoring, the greatest areas of difficulty become new strengths. Parents commonly report weaknesses in many areas including low concentration and focus, poor comprehension, inability to spell or sound out words, low confidence and even with complete shut down and tune-out right in the middle of the simplest thought processes. Well, we can fix that.

Autism Connection Therapy

Find out about Autism Connection Therapy. Read an article on Connection Therapy summarizing seven-year-old Christian's therapy.  Follow the program as it progresses with reports from Christian's mother sharing consistent between-session changes. Find out about the mysterious groggy escapes encountered while going all the way through to the 'light' at the end of the tunnel, where the personality, presence, and aptitude are freed to rise again. Read slowly and thoroughly is my recommendation, to get the greatest possible understanding of this new autism connection therapy breakthrough. Read about it here

Child Observation and Assessments
Students who are assessed for individual barriers and potential rather than disabilities can be helped more effectively. One cannot tap into learning or behavioral disabilities to assist with tutoring or therapy. However when potential is found and tapped into with the utmost patience, good progress is made at a rapid rate. If you know your child has potential, but the blocks seem to be deeply embedded, your child may qualify for the exclusive Therapeutic Tutoring. Call to see. And tell us all about it.

From a child's view
Children come alive when their potential is brought out and acknowledged. This is only the beginning. With new determinism, children so addressed, reach out to gain new abilities in learning. They are not yet out to attain 'knowledge' in the respect that one would address his academic education. Also, they are not yet looking into the far future,? but are 1. striving toward figuring out the challenge of the moment for immediate attainment, 2. to be free of labels assigned in the past and 3. to prove themselves intellectually adequate. These are the immediate goals of struggling or slipping learners who can soon find they have far greater potential than realized.

Here's what makes a child connect
When little successes are far out-numbering incorrect calculations, which are then redirected toward self-re-observation just for the game of it, little failures become useful material. When children are validated just for looking at their errors; when they are coached from their point of observation rather than that of the tutors, instantly measurable changes take place in attitude, confidence, and viewpoint. They no longer feel they are being coerced into seeing things a certain way. On the contrary, when placing them in charge of observation and intellectual processing, children invite the parent or teacher's coaching just as one would welcome the use of an automatic pitching machine. "If you pitch it to me in varying forms, without unsolicited evaluation of my swing, I will hit it out of the park sooner or later. And then I will strive for greater distance, accuracy, and control.

Beneath Missing Basics
Therapeutic Tutoring accomplishes many things in only a few hours. It is specifically designed to find and address that particular child's areas of greatest learning difficulties and swiftly bring about conceptual and thus practical breakthroughs. Specific academic areas of weakness are not as important as the reasons for the weakness. Missing basics are symptoms. Although missing basics are crippling to academic progress, and can sometimes be the beginning of the learning block, suppressed intellect and accumulated failures are always the reasons simple basics become increasingly difficult to learn.?

Learning Preparation Boosters
Enhancing personal focus, communication, and confidence along with powerful conceptual exercises will boost anyone age 3 and up, to quite rapidly make serious progress through the appropriate reading level and missing basics, so vital to learning any subject. Advancements in leaps and bounds are so consistent, that the optimum programming of most students now include Learning Boosters as an option or program 'must' to be done either along with, or as a prerequisite to Superphonics Breakthrough Tutoring.


Labels & Barriers? phooey. Let us look for potential
If you suspect your child has much more potential than is demonstrated, and you are convinced that even the most professional tutoring cannot penetrate your child's learning blocks, he or she may qualify for my personal guaranteed tutoring. To schedule testing and to see if your child qualifies, see the steps that come after the Exclusive Tutoring rates below. There may be a waiting list for Breakthrough Tutoring.?

Superphonics guarantee
Tuition is based on goals with unlimited hours for a guaranteed program rather than hourly rates. A student's program tuition is determined by needs, goals and learning aptitude based on test results. Your child's program is not done until the guaranteed goals can be demonstrated in session with you present, as being achieved. Call for a example of a therapeutic program set of goals, conditions, and our unsurpassed guarantee. Breakthrough Tutoring focuses on increased learning rate, confidence, and ability, so vital to Superphonics success.


Call to schedule a new kind of assessment
It's a fun assessment that kids and parents always enjoy. Even Dads who often would rather not come, get right into the spirit of the fun and winnable challenge of tapping into his child's hidden potential and seeing the rise in confidence from the one-hour assessment alone. There's laughter and productive fun with that much needed ''you can do it' tutor attitude, and lots of little and often big successes all the way. There has to be to get off to a good start, right?

Superphonics assessments for any age hit just the right level with just the right technique to bring out the best in your child. See the testimonials pages, ask for references, and get a free phone consultation so that you can connect up with the Superphonics Super Tutor. 


About the Tutoring subjects and levels...

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and... study skills
ABCs to Algebra. If one can't teach oneself from the math book, one needs study and comprehension skills, is my motto.

I help children and adults with all difficulties. Basic reading and spelling is just one of my areas of tutoring. After 30 years, my Superphonics program has taught hundreds of individuals to read and spell with less frustration.


You come to me, I come to you, or we can meet at the library.

Although I tutor celebrities in the LA area, I live in Carmel Valley in North Coastal San Diego, CA.  I am available for private tutoring in the that area. My son Michael tutors with me and is available in the La Canada area. Michael received his high school diploma when he was 13 and began tutoring when he was in the 3rd grade. See his parent's success-so-far story in the success story section below.

We offer guaranteed tutoring programs for pre-readers, beginning readers, struggling readers, average readers and a superior custom programs for excelling and GATE students. When you schedule your testing appointment, we provide outstanding local tutoring references for all ages. We tutor math, reading, spelling, missing basics, concentration, confidence, retention, concentration, and much more.

Schedule an assessment in your home, or come to me?

Making serious progress in children for over 30 years now

and still loving it. Call and tell me all about it.